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Neil Foster composes cinematic, expansive, colourful music inspired by dreams, landscapes, horizons and spaces of all kinds, bringing elements together through intuitive experimentation. He uses pianos, synths, vocals, percussion, and samples everything from local bird calls, the ocean, radio static, mountain wind and urban noise.

From an early age Neil immersed himself in the sonorities of the family piano, going on to train as a pianist, percussionist and vocalist. Along the way he recorded his first tape of original music on a borrowed 4 track recorder.

He lived and worked in Scotland, Holland, Germany and London working as a percussionist with leading orchestras before qualifying as a music therapist in 2006. Music therapy brought music back home as a way of connecting with people at a level beyond words.

His debut album 'HIraeth', came out in October 2018, and his follow up single ‘Shine’ was released on ‘The Ambient Zone’ label in July 2019.